New! The Proven Step By Step System Expertly Designed To Get Your Funnel Done Right...The First Time 
(Even If You Have Never Built A Successful Funnel)
Full 9 Session Coaching Package Starting At 2 Payments of $2750
First Up - Coaching Welcome Session
In this 30 minute session, your ClickStart Coach will gather information about your business, goals, and ideas so you are revved up and ready for Session #1.
Session #1
Creating Your Value Ladder & Funnel Blueprint
Session number one is focused on getting you to choose the right funnel that is going to maximize your profits for your business.

Since your ClickStart coach already has experience building successful funnels, they can help your choose the right funnel that will convert better and bring you leads and sales quicker.

This type could be a webinar, auto webinar, launch funnel, one click upsell funnel, membership funnel, or a combination of a few of these funnels perfectly matched to your goals and needs. Your ClickFunnels coach will help guide you to the best and most profitable strategy.

After learning from your ClickStart coach in session one, you will have a clear direction on how to structure your funnel and present your products or services.
Session #2
Coach Builds / Funnel Scripts
 In session 2 you going to get a quick jumpstart on the buildout of your funnel. Your coach will begin the process of building your funnel based on the funnel blueprint you designed in session number one.

You also begin the process of creating your copy and other scripts.  Your coach will help guide you with these resources. 
Session #3
Mastering The Page Editor
Session number three is focused in helping you master the ClickFunnels software and page editor. 

In this step you and your ClickStart coach will be able to test your funnel and see the exact flow of the funnel just as your prospect will.  This will ensure it flows just right before you start marketing it.

After seeing for your own eyes how to build out the funnel in your account, you won’t have to worry about having a broken funnel that doesn’t work like it should.
Session #4
Order Pages / OTO / Products / Integrations
Session number four is all about getting your  order pages, one-time offers, products, and integrations set up and running like a well-oiled machine.  

This includes your autoresponder, web service, sms text messaging, payment processor, SMTP, and custom domain.
When you have this session complete you won’t have to worry about something not working in your funnel after you launch when you are spending money or time driving traffic.
Session #5
Membership Sites / Backpack / Funnel Test
In session five... your coach will help you based on your needs and your funnel type.  Need a membership area?  Need to set up an affiliate program?  

Whatever your needs are.. your coach is there to help you and answer any questions you have along the way. 
Session #6
Actionetics Blueprint
In session six, you will lay out the blueprint for your "follow-up funnel" inside of Actionetics. 

This follow-up funnel will ensure that you convert more leads into sales by nurturing your leads with massive value... all through automation.   

You will be able to follow up via email, SMS, direct mail, voicemail broadcast, and even retargeting with pixels.  

"The Fortune is in the Follow Up!"
Session #7
Lists, Action Funnels & Broadcasts
In session seven, your coach will help you set up your different lists inside of Actionetics following the blueprint that you designed in session number six. These lists and action funnels inside of your account will ensure that you are providing massive value to your prospects and buyers all in automation 24/7.

If you have a newsletter or want to send one off emails, your coach will show you how to send them through broadcasts so you can reach out your list at any time  with specialized messages. 
Session #8
Funnel Testing, Publishing, Optimization
In session number eight, you will bring everything together. 

You will walk through your funnel and test it to make sure everything is working correctly. 

Your coach will show you how you can strategically optimize your funnel to beat out your competition as your business grows using our split-testing features.

You will your funnel up and running PLUS the skills and knowledge to build any other funnels you want to build!
In Addition To ClickStart Coaching Sessions, You'll Also Get $10,770 In Bonuses
Bonus #1: Funnel Builder Secrets 
A ten week masterclass taught by Julie Stoian showing you how to develop products and master optin, sales, webinar, and membership funnels... a $2997 value
Part 1: "Hack" Our Successful Funnels

Supplement Funnel

Russell walks you behind the scenes of his 500k/mo supplement funnel. 

Info Product Funnel

Russell walks you behind the scenes of his plus shipping offer funnel 

Coaching Funnel

Look behind the scenes of our $250k a month coaching funnel. 

Webinar Funnel

Behind The Scenes Of Our $120 Per Attendee Webinar Funnel... 
Part 2: Products and Funnel Types

Fast Product Development

Learn what it takes to develop your product and get it ready to sell quickly to the market and what you are going to need to get it done.

Sales Funnels

Learn the proper flow of a successful sales funnel designed to build your list and bring in sales.

AutoWebinar Funnels

Learn how to build an auto-webinar funnel inside of ClickFunnels and how this specialized funnel type really can put your business on autopilot. 

Membership Funnels

Deliver the content your members need right at the perfect time with membership funnels and password protected member areas right in ClickFunnels.

Webinar Funnels

Sell high ticket products in your webinar funnels right inside of your ClickFunnels account and automate follow up with who attended and who did not.

Optin Funnels

Your list is the life-blood of your business.  Learn how to create an optin funnel and deliver value to your prospects before moving into the sales process.

Launch Funnels

Learn how to build product launch funnels inside of ClickFunnels that can be based on an actual launch date or an evergreen launch system.
Accountability...Knowledge...Business Momentum...Starts TODAY
Start ClickStart Coaching NOW!
Get 1 on 1 coaching and build your funnel with this of a kind program
Full 9 Session Coaching Package Starting At 2 Payments of $2750
Bonus #2: Funnel Hacks 2.0: Spy For Profits
There are no profits without targeted traffic. Russell Brunson teaches you behind the scene strategies attract traffic to your funnels..The only shortcut to massive traffic... a $1997 value

Message to Market

Learn how to master the crafting and delivery of your message to your audience to maximize conversions.

Media Buying Hacks

How to blow up any business with media buys with media expert, Steve Gray.

Using FB Power Editor

Use the Facebook power editor to create ads for your audience and easily test which ads are performing.

Solo Ads

Navigate the infinite world of solo email ads and bring your message to someone else's list.

Optimizing PPV

Optimize your pay per view campaign with this simple strategies that will drive down your costs and drive up your profits.

Your Dream 100

Work with who you want to work with.  Learn how to craft your plan to work with influencers that can make your business BOOM!

Facebook Ad Hacks

Drive crazy targeted traffic from FB to your funnels and maximize the effectiveness of your ad spend.

YouTube SEO

How to leverage the power of Youtube to drive traffic from easy to do videos and calls to action.

Blogging For Traffic

Learn how to do simple blog posts that will bring in traffic and show your expertise.

Pay Per View Ads

Learn how to promote your funnel in pay per view networks from Traffic Expert... John Parkes.
Bonus #3: Traffic Secrets Course
Without traffic, you can't make a profitable online business.  Learn over 135 different methods you can get laser-targeted traffic to your funnel... a $1,997 value
Market Discovery
Traffic Fomulas
Buying Media
Google Adwords
Podcasts & Broadcasts
Facebook Ads
Traffic Retargeting
Social Media Strategy
Google SEO
Building A Content Factory
Bonus #4: Funnel Scripts Software 
Your copy is the most important part of why your prospects decide to take action or buy...Don't spend $10k for a copywriter... Use these proven copy/paste scripts for your funnel for a full 12 months... a $997 + value

Who, What, Why, How

Amazing script for your optin pages and your free + shipping offers that will grab attention and move your visitors to convert.

Star, Story, Solution

Every good sales letter has this flow.  Amazing to build rapport and get your prospects to know, like, and trust you and your product.

Product Launch Script

The 4 step video scripts to get your visitors to be ready to buy right when your product launches.  Great for launches and evergreen launches.

Perfect Webinar Script

Use this script in your webinars to sell more of your attendees to your high ticket offers.

Upsell Script

Use this script (one of the most powerful) to get your buyers to take your upsell and EXPLODE your funnel ROI.

The Two Step Script

Have high ticket products or services you need to sell?  The Two-Step is what you need to get prospects begging you to get in.

Magic Bullet Script

Bring up your prospects biggest questions and then show them the "magic bullet" to give them our perfect solution.

Invisible Funnel Script

Give them a zero risk offer by teaching the concepts upfront in the webinar and then offer the upsell.
Bonus 5: ClickFunnels Etison Suite for 6 Months
The Entire Etison Suite, ClickFunnels, Actionetics, Backpack FREE for 6 Entire Months... Keep your current ClickFunnels account and we won't bill you for 6 entire months....saves you $1,782 
So... Here is EveryTHing Your Get With ClickStart
9 Session one on one ClickStart Coaching - Valued At $9,997
Funnel Builder Secrets Course - Valued At $2,997
Funnel Hacks 1 and 2 Course - Valued at $2,997
Traffic Secrets Course - Valued at $1,997
Funnel Scripts Software (12 Months) - Valued at $997
ClickFunnels Etison Suite (6 Months) - VALUED AT $1,782 
Total Value = $20,767
ClickStart Coaching
No Worries. This Program Comes With A
100% Guarantee
If you go through your first welcome session with your coach and decide that ClickStart is not for you...just let us know and we will refund you every penny.  Now that is a no risk offer!
What Others Are Saying...
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Jane D

Are the sessions recorded?
Yes, the sessions will be recorded and you will get access to the recordings so you can review them even after your coaching sessions are completed. 
How long is each session?
Each session is up to 1 you plenty of time to cover each of the options within the session schedule.  You coach will give you some a gameplan to work on between sessions.
What if I have already started?
If you are already complete with portions of the sessions on the schedule, you and your ClickFunnels Coach can work together on other aspects of your funnel. They will have a list of topics for you to choose from.
Will my ClickStart Coach give me advice?
Your welcome session and  session #1 are there to make sure that you are moving forward with the right funnel type and structure and session one is all about picking the right strategy.  You will have a lot of time during the sessions to pick your ClickStart coach's brain.
How fast can I start making money?
The ClickStart Coaching program is designed to help you build your funnel right the first time.  A large part of your success and income potential will be how quickly you take action with your funnel and how you optimize your funnel moving forward....It is up to you and you will have the tools to make it happen!
Why did you create ClickStart?
Our users kept asking for a 1 on 1 program that would help them create amazing funnels based on proven principles that get massive results.  So we created ClickStart...
Which ClickStart Coach will I work with?
After your purchase, you will fill out a full application that will give our ClickStart team the information required to make sure you are placed with the coach that best meets your needs. 
How long will the offer be available?
We run this program in session blocks.  Once the ClickStart coaches are full, we will not be able to offer availability.  
What if I feel I am not quite ready?
If you want to lock in your position and  bonuses, you can purchase ClickStart now and start your sessions within 30 days. Nothing makes you more ready than action in your online business.
What is the total length of the program?
Our recommendation is that you complete the sessions within 3 to 10 weeks so you can get your funnel up and running quickly.  If you want to move faster or can set up your customized schedule with your coach.
What is the guarantee?
If you go through your first Welcome Session with your coach and decide that ClickStart is not for you...just let us know and we will refund you every penny. We will even pay your coach for the first Welcome Session. Now that is a no-risk offer!
Accountability...Knowledge...Business Momentum...Starts TODAY
Start ClickStart Coaching NOW!
Get 1 on 1 coaching and build your funnel with this of a kind program
Full 9 Session Coaching Package Starting At 2 Payments of $2750
ClickStart Success Stories
I was really struggling before I did the ClickStart program. All I seemed to do all day was search through training videos that didn't end up being the solution I needed! I was very overwhelmed and frustrated and I was ready to cancel my subscription. Then I heard about the ClickStart Program and I jumped at the chance to have an actual real person on the phone teaching me only the things I needed to know, while creating realtime demonstrations in MY account that were recorded and allowed me to go back and re-watch over and over again! My coach ...... turned out to be a priceless find, patient, able to understand the big picture I'm trying to create and was then able to chuck it down and teach me in a way that was fun and respectful. 

No one to date has been able to grasp the concept I want to bring to the world and (my coach) not only grasped it, he helped me build out the funnel that would capture the vision. 

The ClickStart program has given me a lot of confidence and has really allowed me to understand the funnel building process and how I could best leverage them in my business. I highly recommend the ClickStart program.

On a scale of 1-10 (10 being "Most Likely") how likely are you to recommend the ClickFunnels ClickStart Program to your friends: 10

Margaret Gill - Gold Coast, Australia
Having been a software developer in the past (17 years of designing software programs and applications), I see click funnels as the most revolutionary tool ever! It makes implementation so easy. 

...That purchase was a "no brainer". 

Enlisting the help of a CF coach sped up the learning curve tremendously. I'd still be wasting time I don't have to learn this tool if I hadn't done that. That wasted time would have cost me much more than the investment in the coaching, and I'll take the tax write-off over wasting time any day of the week! 

On a scale of 1-10 (10 being "Most Likely") how likely are you to recommend the ClickFunnels ClickStart Program to your friends: 10

Lori B.
(My coach) was able to understand my personality and tailor the clickfunnels software to that. He also had very FAST and immediate understanding of my needs.  I had to understanding how to: use clickfunnels software say succinctly the point or purpose of the page masterfully communicate how to address potential obstacles of a client format the page to look good, clean, simple, direct with color, elegance and simplicity. 

So while I appreciate the abundance of tools made available in the videos and inception secrets etc, without the one-on-one coaching and (My coach)'s diverse knowledge of the software, copy, understanding the client, working with my personality, succinctly expressing ideas in page copy....I don't know if I would do clickstart. 

Its the human element and (My coach) that makes clickstart worth it - for me. Maybe other products don't require that as much as I do/did for personal/love coaching.....I am implementing the plan developed..... - oh yes - this was invaluable the PLAN!! 

On a scale of 1-10 (10 being "Most Likely") how likely are you to recommend the ClickFunnels ClickStart Program to your friends: 10

Angela A.
I learned about Value Ladder. I learned about List, Offer, and Copy and their respective relevance (and values) in the internet marketing space. I learned how to create a Funnel Blueprint. And most importantly, I learned how to create different funnels using ClickFunnels and The ClickFunnels Editor. I learned how I can integrate ClickFunnels’ system with my current Autoresponder/email system or use ClickFunnels’s stand-alone email/autoresponder system – Actionetics. 

I learned how to create and schedule email broadcasts for future deliveries within Actionetics. And finally, I learned how to add a Custom Domain to my ClickFunnels account. My ClickFunnels' url now has my Custom Domain..... I would certainly recommend ClickStart program to anyone who is considering getting involved with ClickFunnels.

On a scale of 1-10 (10 being "Most Likely") how likely are you to recommend the ClickFunnels ClickStart Program to your friends: 10

James N. 
I'll be totally honest in saying I was scared my first time in the Editor. Yet determine to learn. I let (My Coach) know that I wasn't a millennial and would need to take "baby steps". He was always patient with me and it was much appreciated because I don't consider myself that technology savvy. Now that I've completed my first funnel... And it's a webinar, I'm very excited! 

(My Coach) spoke slowly and clearly and painted a great picture for someone who didn't even see the slides (I thank Mark for that b/c with following the funnel blueprint it was Cake By The Ocean!)." I had fun and felt good after completion....

I am totally amazed at my learning curve! WOW! It's almost to good to be true that ClickFunnels is that easy....

On a scale of 1-10 (10 being "Most Likely") how likely are you to recommend the ClickFunnels ClickStart Program to your friends: 10

Yolanda G. 
My ClickStart coach was amazing. He answered all of my "stupid" questions with patience and support. And really helped to make sense of what needed to be done without just doing it all for me. I would have never got Clickfunnels up and running without the Clickstart program.

Shan Roth
I really think how quickly you start using a tool is what determines if you will stay with it. ClickStart accelerated my ramp up time by 6-9 months. I am always concerned about spending extra money getting started, but ClickStart really paid off its cost in no time. 

I was actually able to start receiving income on my site after just a couple sessions. In the end, my confidence was very high. I felt like I was capable of learning anything else I that might possibly come up, because I had such a solid foundation. Thanks to Mark for taking such time and care in my specific project. 

We covered so much in our 5 sessions, I couldn't have duplicated that with 100 hours of self teaching, and trial and error. Great stuff!!

On a scale of 1-10 (10 being "Most Likely") how likely are you to recommend the ClickFunnels ClickStart Program to your friends: 10

Ray B.
Mark was awesome and obviously knew his stuff and made it easy to understand. The more I get into this the more I see it's potential and the more excited I get about it.... I'm looking forward to seeing the success in some funnels soon.

On a scale of 1-10 (10 being "Most Likely") how likely are you to recommend the ClickFunnels ClickStart Program to your friends: 10

Darcy C.
My coach was fantastic and very accommodating as we were more down the track than most, we were able to complete a quite complex process by the end of the program having integrated a payment gateway, email platform and numerous forms we are ready to start our campaign....I would highly recommend ClickStart to anyone serious about online marketing especially if you are just starting out.

On a scale of 1-10 (10 being "Most Likely") how likely are you to recommend the ClickFunnels ClickStart Program to your friends: 10

Roland S.
I learned a ton! (My Coach) is a wizard. The recorded sessions are an awesome tool and I'll be learning from them for many weeks to come.

On a scale of 1-10 (10 being "Most Likely") how likely are you to recommend the ClickFunnels ClickStart Program to your friends: 10

Tom L.
GREAT!!! Thank you Mark for all your careful consideration and time you invested in me learning with you. I couldn't have asked for more. You definitely setup the session for a successful launch....

On a scale of 1-10 (10 being "Most Likely") how likely are you to recommend the ClickFunnels ClickStart Program to your friends: 10

Nercy E.
I can't overemphasize how important this training has been to me!  

It is one thing to read articles and listen to webinars to learn the fundamentals. But it is another thing entirely to have your own personal coach talking you through the steps, and explaining everything in a way that resonates with you. Because you really want to hear it from your perspective don't you? Rather than from the perspective of someone else's experiences and priorities. 

The coach I had was the best! I always felt like he was on my side, and was invested in my success. It really made a big difference. I am so grateful, and excited about what I can do now.

Dani Waller - Oly 4 Kids
ClickStart is an excellent program with excellent coaches. What would have taken me months to accomplish on my own was accomplished in a matter of weeks with the awesome coaching I received. I went from literally knowing nothing to being able to build and customize my own funnels in a short amount of time. 

Highly recommended! I plan on adding more ClickStart coaching to my budget..

DC Cayce, Owner, The Contractor's Business Builder
Clickstart is excellent for learning to navigate CF. There were some intricate details that would have stopped me dead in my tracks had I not used Clickstart. 

(My Coach) was very professional and knowledgeable. His business knowledge of the program and business knowledge of developing a funnel really helped me to move forward with my funnel.

Susanne Quirk, Pink & Rowe
ClickStart is a must if you are new to ClickFunnels. The ClickStart Coach will make sure you have everything set up and integrated correctly, will walk you through the funnel creation process from start to finish, will set you up to begin using ClickFunnels successfully. After completing my Click Start sessions I went from having no clue to having a good foundation and understanding of ClickFunnels, to having some working funnels; including a application funnel, a membership area, and a product funnel, and a understanding of how to use Actionetics. 

Prior to ClickFunnels I have spent years and painfully spent thousands of dollars using InfusionSoft and Leadpages all which, I never really figured it out, found good support, left with holes, and no working systems in place. I was just about to give up when I discovered ClickFunnels. 

I was hesitant to invest more money because of the journey I had been on previous. But I am so grateful that I did and kicked it off RIGHT with ClickStart. I am now well on my way in just a short few months. Highly recommend ClickFunnels and ClickStart is a must to get you off to the races sooner than later supporting your investment made in ClickFunnels. (MY CLICKSTART COACH)  was extremely knowledgeable and helpful!

Natalie Klun founder of the Sales Spotlight
Accountability...Knowledge...Business Momentum...Starts TODAY
Start ClickStart Coaching NOW!
Get 1 on 1 coaching and build your funnel with this of a kind program
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